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Why Is Real Estate Investment Important?

by Geetika Gautam

In this era, i.e. 21st-century real estate plays a vital role and is considered important for several reasons. Before analyzing the reasons why this is considered important, let us understand what real estate investment is. It involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental, and sale of real estate for profit. This is what is involved in the real estate business. You must be thinking of investing in several properties and again you must be wondering about who will track real estate investment for me? Well, if you are sure about investing then you should go with the option and rely on Better Capital for the purpose of tracking. 

Now, let us understand and have a look at why is this real estate investing considered important? You must have noticed that several buyers choose to invest in properties before even getting one for themselves. The reason behind it is the benefits it offers with itself. It is believed that investment in property can easily help you in building your investment portfolio. Though, we cannot believe that investing in property without careful investigation and diligent research can lead to heavy losses. 

Now let us have a look at why this is considered a good idea and why many people opt for this option even before getting a property for themselves. 

Benefits of investing in the real estate business

You get a heavy return on investments

If you happen to invest in properties there are chances that you might get a heavy return on your investments. If the returns happen to be heavier than the mortgage repayments then the property will be paying for the mortgage itself. It is noted that first-time investors are benefitted from this way too much than the others. If you are among those who are looking for high returns of up to 12%, you might want to consider investing in special disability accommodation that is offered by the national disability insurance scheme.  

You will be sure about the security

You are likely to be more secure with a relatively fixed return if you happen to invest in property. If you talk about the stock market, then it is considered to have a comparatively higher risk than real estate investment. 

You will get tax benefits with real estate investment

Another advantage of investing in real estate is that you will get several tax benefits from the same. Property investors can help you and provide you with various tax benefits. If your interest and other costs are more than your investment income, you can take advantage of negative gearing benefits. You have the option of claiming the tax deduction for depreciation in the value of your investment property. You also have the option to apply for tax withholding variation. This will allow you to take a break every time you happen to receive your salary instead of waiting for twelve months. By saving money from the tax, you can make use of the same money to invest in some other property. 


If you make a good choice of the property in terms of location and other things then there are chances that the value of your property can rise in the subsequent years. You will be able to enjoy the growth of your capital even after your retirement. 

Getting finance

Mortgages from properties happen to form a major part of the loan products of many lenders. It is considered relatively easy to secure finance in order to finance properties. There are several loan options for commercial properties too. Once you have the property under your belt you will be able to secure additional finance. You can make use of the existing equity to secure other loans and buy even more properties. 

These are the benefits that you can have if you happen to invest in real estate properties and business. Now, let us have a look at the factors that need to be kept in mind in order to invest or while you are looking for investments. Let us have a look at certain aspects that should never be neglected while looking for investments. 

  • You are required to do the right amount of research before investing in a property. While doing the same, you will be able to avoid the underperforming property. There are chances that you might lose money in investing in the wrong property. All you can do is research online, or maybe prefer visiting the site or the property to find out if it is a good investment or not. Also, make sure that you do the right amount of research and do not happen to miss the property in spending time just researching.
  • Look for the location of the property and consider where it is the best to invest. Make sure that you make yourself familiar with the area and property market before you decide to invest. If you are planning to invest somewhere in a new place make sure that you think twice, you visit the site before you finalize the idea of investing in that property. You can consider looking for areas with high growth projections and rental income. 
  • You should consider investing in a property that appeals to a wide range of people. Specialized properties such as petrol stations can be quite tricky. Experienced or professional investors can make use of their knowledge to invest in such properties. 
  • Look for the valuation of the property. The valuation of the property is important during the purchase, listing price, insurance, and taxation. It all depends on the real estate valuation. There are several methods that you can opt for in order to look for the value. For instance- you can opt for a sales comparison approach, cost approach, and an income approach. 

These are the aspects that you can consider before opting and finalizing a site for yourself and for your investment. If you are certain about investing and are looking for someone to assist you and help you with a guide in the same then you can consider seeking help from Better Capital. You can get help with your investment and also you will be able to track your real estate investment easily. 

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