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What Software Do You Use For 3D Printing?

What Software Do You Use For 3D Printing?

by Geetika Gautam

The 3D printing process takes a lot of thinking and time. There is not one but many sub-processes which are to be dealt with. And the quality of any cannot be compromised. In experts’ view, to ensure premium quality of some operations, they are better to be left to the digital minds. This is where cloud 3D printing software comes into the picture. These are online software that manage the various activities related to 3D printing and monitoring. There are some features which are present in all the softwares and are quite essential.

Features Of 3D Printing Softwares

Slicing is one of the most crucial processes of 3D printing and an appropriate 3D printing software masters in it. The slicer divides the work into layers or slices that are easy to be understood by the printer. Additionally, it converts the digital reference files into commands that the 3D printer can follow to build the final model. So, there is no longer the need for manually feeding the instructions. An online slicer connects with all the printers in the unit and integrates processes.

Project Management

Another feature of a 3D printing software is project management. Through this feature, the workflow of the project is laid down and monitored. Not only this, it also helps to manage other features like 3D printer monitoring software, invoice generation, reports preparation, etc. The Project management feature helps to make the printing work exceptionally smooth and efficient. Some of the softwares also offer a customisation option, that enables making changes and personalising the processes effectively.

Reports Preparation

The cloud 3D printing software has another feature that enables preparation of reports. These may be job reports, cost reports, revenue reports, etc. The information is stored while progressing orders and these are produced as reports. Manual reports can also be prepared when needed. It helps to systematically arrange the information and make them ready for further use. It maintains records of clients & client details and manages all these reports efficiently to save resources.

Cloud Storage

Good 3D printing software provides sufficient cloud storage. Cloud storage is when you can store your important data on an online portal. This portal has a certain amount of storage space that can be accessed by the user. It is a safe space and doesn’t allow outsider’s interference. It eliminates the hassles of storing the data into tangible drives and places. This cloud                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    storage can be used to organise the data and use it whenever needed from anywhere without geographical limitations.

Monitoring Feature

Every software also has a 3D printer monitoring software or feature. This monitors the working of the printers and connected devices. Also, it helps to assess the condition of the printers & accessories as well as the material requirements. It helps to complete the work in time while ensuring that the work is done properly and accurately. This enables reduction of wastage & cost, saves time & efforts and helps achieve overall efficiency. The gaps and lags in one project can also be accessed through it so the mistakes are not repeated.

3 Best 3D Printing Software


Cura is one of the most popular 3D printing software and it is quite acclaimed among the beginners. It is a free printing software and offers several customisation options. Since it is specially designed for beginners’ suiting, it is very easy to access and operate with a simple slicer. It is an open source software and allows plug-ins as well. It works best with Ultimaker 3D printers but is equally compatible with other printers as well.

Cloud 3D Print

Cloud 3D printing is of the best softwares in the market and it has a commendable 3D printing software. It is best known for its project management feature which is quite sophisticated and simplified. It is the most appropriate to use for beginners and well as advanced practitioners because of its detailed features and user-friendly interface. This cloud 3D printing software is compatible with almost every 3D printer, and reduces the overall time of the printing process.


Slic3r software is designed by keeping in mind the intermediate operators. It is another free of cost slicer and project management software, which is also open-source. Its 3D honeycomb infill is one of the main attractions. This software enables effective integration of processes. Slic3r works best with OctoPrint and features some advanced slicing settings. It has real-time preview and sequential printing options as well. All-in-all, it is a pretty great 3D printing software.


With a huge number of features offered by a lot of brands, there is sufficient choice in the market to choose from. But if you want to reach the utmost heights of success and customer loyalty, you need to have a good working 3D printer monitoring software as well as cloud 3D printing software.

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