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Coconut Beads

What Are Coconut Beads And How It Is Helpful In Jewelry Making?

by Geetika Gautam

Coconut beads are a unique kind of beads that come from all the way from Philippine Coconut Island where coconut trees grow in abundance. These beads are known to contrast well with metals and other natural beads. These beads add grace and beauty to your handmade jewelry designs. Now let us have a look at the reasons why these beads are considered helpful and why one should add these beads to the jewelry.

Reasons for using coconut beads in jewelry

  1. Beads are all-natural and are available in abundance

All of the raw material of coconut comes from a very natural source and the most important thing to keep in mind is that the material is available in large amounts and thus it can be used by everyone. At times people happen to suffer the issue or the problem when the raw material needed for the process of jewelry making is not available in abundance and is extremely rare. When this happens, i.e. when the material is rare, the prices of the jewel automatically rise. Now that coconut beads are available in abundance and could be seen in any part of the country the prices of the raw material happen to be low because of its availability.

  1. You can make several various designs and shapes

Since we know that the raw material to make this kind of jewelry is in abundance thus one can create and make the jewelry in several designs and shapes. You can make several shapes using the raw material of this jewelry. You can make shapes like disks, round, oval, and several other shapes designs can be crafted and made easily. If you are passionate about creating and crafting designs that are unique then you can surely make use of coconut beads and pendants in your jewelry and you will love crafting the designs to give your piece an amazing look.

  1. This raw material is considered to be perfect for creating natural kind of jewelry

The raw material is considered to be pure and thus this is considered the best material in order to create a perfect kind of natural jewelry.

  1. These beads are handmade

Several people have affection and love for handmade jewelry. Thus, this can be considered one of the natural and unique kinds of jewelry. The cutting of the beads i.e. manufacturing requires a lot of hard work in cutting, polishing, and stringing the beads. You can make use of these beads not only for the purpose of jewelry but also these are used in home decor purposes.

  1. These beads are made with renewable resource

Coconut is considered a renewable resource. These beads are made up of coconut shells so these beads fall into the category of being made with renewable natural resources. This is because of the abundant presence of coconuts in several parts of the world.

A renewable resource is one that can be used repeatedly and does not run out of supplies because it can be easily replaced.

  1. These beads pair well with other kinds of metals

The best and the great thing about coconut beads is their versatility. These beads can be used with other kinds of materials. For instance, these beads are considered to go best with the matt brass finished or a chandelier. Not only with this, but also you can combine these coconut beads with other kinds of pearls and some natural agate beads to give them a fancy look.

  1. These beads make great home decor products

Not only for the purpose of jewelry but these beads make some great home decor products, especially some lighting. These beads are strung together to make different types and kinds of lighting. The coconut beads chandeliers give amazing shine when the light bulbs are lit.

These beads can be hung or sewn together to make coco bead lighting. The difference between string and sewing together the coco beads show the versatility of the coco beads and the different ways in which you can use them. People usually love the decor of coco beads at home. These beads serve the purpose of having the natural elements at home i.e for the people who desire and long for natural things for the purpose of decoration. These are the various reasons for using coconut beads in jewelry making. These beads are all-natural and also go with every other kind of metal is one of the foremost reasons why people prefer getting the jewels and accessories made up with these natural beads. Because of the availability of the beads, these beads are cheaper in price and thus are affordable by most people. If you are certain about getting yourself jewels and accessories made up of these natural and beautiful beads then you can consider getting them from Dream of Stones.

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