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Unique places to visit in Oklahoma

Things You Need to Know About Unique Places to Visit in Oklahoma Today

by Geetika Gautam

Oklahomans are proud to call their state the “Sooner State”. As a beautiful state, it highlights some of the unique places to visit in Oklahoma. What is one of your favorite places in Oklahoma? Well! It’s for sure it’s not easy picking out only a few to visit, but hopefully this list will help.

Oklahoma is a state in the south-central United States that lies between Arkansas and Texas. It has been dubbed the “Okie State” for its large number of residents with roots in the Dust Bowl.  It is regarded as a period of poor weather from over farming and broken soil. If you’re not from America, you might be wondering what places there are to visit.  So that you can keep your eye out for when travelling through this great state.

There Aare Many Unique Places to Visit in Oklahoma Include The Following:

  1. The Seven Wonders of the World National Parks. As a state that prides itself on its rich heritage, Oklahoma has designated seven geologic features in the state as part of The Seven Wonders National Parks. The state is also home to the Boynton Caverns, the Quartz Mountains, the Arbuckle Mountains, and many more. The most popular by far is Black Mesa where you can find a whole range of unique rock formations and prehistoric monuments carved into the ground.
  2. Oklahoma’s Fossil Hunters. It’s no secret that many states in America have some fantastic fossil beds to explore. In Oklahoma, the Davis Fossil Bed is one of the oldest and most preserved fossil beds in America. It is created as it was over millions of years ago by the deposition of millions of fossils. The famous Mormon Dinosaur Trackways are also found in this state which were created by nature during the time when dinosaurs roamed around years ago.
  3. The World’s Largest Cowboy Boot Collection. This is a collection that some people believe to be one of a kind. 

Most Popular Attractions in Oklahoma City

  1. Great Salt Plains State Park — Jet

There are many things to do at Great Salt Plains State Park. The park offers fishing, swimming, and boating in the summer. Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice skating in the winter. You can enjoy a picnic or camp out on any of four campgrounds with electric hookups available.

If you’re in the mood for a day trip, you can visit one of the three museums within the park, such as the Salt Plains Museum. This site also provides information about Native American culture and wildlife. You can also enjoy horseback riding into the sunset on Buffalo Trail or even go on guided tours of one of the Best Walks in America. Don’t forget to stop by the visitor center before leaving to learn more about all of these fun things at Great Salt Plains State Park.

  1. Natural Falls State Park — Colcord, Oklahoma

Natural Falls State Park is a beautiful state park located just off of Highway 283, four miles north of Colcord, Oklahoma. It is considered one of the most popular parks in Oklahoma. Because it offers a plethora of diverse scenery and activities all at your fingertips.

There’s a variety of caves and sinkholes to explore, including the popular Lost Creek Sinkhole. Visitors will find a swimming pool and other water-based facilities at the park, as well as a visitors center filled with information on local history. 

  1. Chickasaw National Recreation Area — Sulphur, Oklahoma

The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is a beautiful park that provides an oasis of peace and quiet. It’s not uncommon to see deer or turkeys running through the forest, as well as to hear coyotes, hawks and owls calling at night. And while the wildlife is impressive in its own right, the real treats await when you start exploring the various trails that wind through the park.

Other Popular Tourist Attractions in Oklahoma

  1. Philbrook Museum of Art — Tulsa

The Philbrook Museum of Art — Tulsa is one of the largest and most esteemed art museums in the United States. The institution dates back to 1914 with a gift from Tulsa businessman John Philip Sousa II, who wanted to turn his estate into a museum for his personal collection. Over time, it was supplemented by gifts from its namesake’s musical colleagues and more business donations. 

  1. Oklahoma City Zoo — Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Zoo is a nationally accredited zoo in Oklahoma City. It is the largest municipally owned and operated zoo in the United States. The zoo covers 158 acres, with over 2,000 animals representing more than 240 species. It features many different habitats. They also have an 18-hole mini golf course that is great for families or date nights. 

The Oklahoma City Zoo offers a variety of activities to families with kids of all ages. For the little ones or visitors with physical challenges, the zoo offers a handicap accessible train that goes through all of the major exhibits. There are also pony rides, train rides, and a petting zoo. For those looking for more experience activities, they have ziplining and aerial courses!

The zoo also has 3 dining options available to guests! The first is the Cliff Lodge Cafe, which features a range of menu items such as sandwiches and burgers. Their chef also specialises in halal meats which are great for Muslims who follow that diet.

  1. Oklahoma Aquarium

Imagine your life without an education. What could you do without health care? How successful could you be without a stable economy? These are all things people might take for granted, but that many in Oklahoma simply don’t have access to.

Conclusion – 

You don’t need to rent a car to enjoy the best of Oklahoma City. Most of the city’s unique places to visit in Oklahoma are within its downtown area. So, keep the car on one side, and enjoy the unique places of Oklahoma city on foot. It will definitely help you save some money on fuel and parking.

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