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Advantages of Trekking Shoes and How You Can Make Full Use of It

by Geetika Gautam

What could be better than taking a leisurely stroll through the woods? Without trekking shoes, you might run into some of the obstacles that are inherent in hiking. This includes roots, deep mud holes, uneven terrain, and even dangerous animals like bears! For this reason alone, trekking shoes are a comfort to wear on your next outdoor journey.

But there’s more to trekking than just having them for a walk around the neighborhood. 

Trekking Shoes Have Several Benefits 

  1. They’re Comfortable And Breathable

As you might expect, trekking shoes are lightweight and very comfortable. These characteristics make them ideal for extended hikes. While they also keep your feet cool during the hottest of days. For this reason, they’re usually made with breathable materials like nylon or mesh, which wick away moisture from your feet and allow air to circulate through the shoe. 

  1. They Provide Excellent Grip And Traction

As with other outdoor sporting goods, trekking shoes provide a wider base for stability. This is especially important if you plan on going off the beaten path. These kinds of shoes are useful in doing any rock climbing during a trip. In addition to keeping you steady, the trekking shoes’ grip helps keep your feet from slipping. Thus, it helps you from coming in contact with water or mud.

  1. They Keep Your Feet Safe

Unlike your average hiking boot, trekking shoes have many protective features built into them. Some models include heel pads, toe guard inserts, and even shock absorbers to keep your feet from injuring themselves. Similarly,  you can be on the safe side when you’re out on the trail.

  1. They’re Designed To Be Light And Flexible

You’ll notice that most of the designs of these shoes are built to be thin and lightweight.

For this reason, they don’t sacrifice the level of comfort they provide. This means that they won’t weigh you down while you’re hiking. Even though they’re protective enough to prevent injury.

  1. They Come In Regular Or Higher Sock-like Sizes

For those who want to dress a little more casually while taking a walk in the woods, trekking shoes are an excellent choice. It’s not too casual for these shoes though! This outdoor footwear normally come in sizes appropriate for both kids and adults. 

  1. They’re Durable And Long-lasting

Some trekking shoes are made from natural materials like leather, which is a popular material for outdoor footwear in general. While not quite as durable as non-synthetic materials like cotton or canvas. It tends to be easier on the environment and more cost-effective to make. Because of this, you can expect most trekking shoes to have a fairly long lifespan before you need to replace them.

  1. They Provide Protection From The Elements

Unlike your average hiking boot, which is just a good pair of sports shoes, trekking shoes have many protective features built into them. 


Our feet are unique and they have special requirements. One style will not fit all and therefore it is difficult to make a general perception of appropriate hiking footwear. However, the best choice of a shoe is usually a compromise between walking comfort and its technical capability. Trekking shoes can indeed make or ruin your trek. This is why this blog post has put together this guide of information to help all those trekking lovers. 


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