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Trekking shoes for women

Some Facts About Trekking Shoes for Women

by Geetika Gautam

Trekking shoes for women are a bit of a niche item and can be hard to find. But we’re here to help! In this article, we’ll discuss the facts about trekking shoes for women, and what features you should look out for in a pair of trekking shoes. And finally, give you some recommendations on where you can buy these essential items.

Normal Hiking Boots Are Bulkier Than Trail Running Shoes

Trekking shoes, however, tend to be less bulky and more flexible than a regular pair of boots. They are lightweight uppers made of mesh and breathable materials like synthetic leather. The soles tend to be much thinner as well, which helps with traction. Therefore, it will make your feet feel more grounded on the ground when you walk.

Trekking Shoes Are Less Bulky Than Hiking Boots

If you’re looking for a lighter option, you may want to consider a trail runner shoe instead. Trail runners are made with a different upper material that is softer and less structured than the uppers used in hiking shoes. This makes it easier to run in trail runners without feeling like your feet will fall off. Because this is a major concern when you’re out on the trail.

You don’t have to wear thick socks with trail runners!

The thickness of the upper material used in trail runners and trekking shoes is more important. On the other hand, if you want to run in your trail runner, you’ll definitely want to wear some sturdy socks. That’s because trail runners are not as supportive as hiking boots. So it’s important to wear a pair of thicker socks to make sure your feet stay comfortable while you’re on the move.

Which Trekking Shoes Fit Best?

Compared to hiking boots, the flexibility of padding in trekking shoes is an amazing benefit! In some cases, this benefit makes it easier for people with larger feet to wear trekking shoes. However, how much you like the feel of your shoes also depends on how much weight and size you can afford. Trekking shoes for women tend to look more feminine and tailored than hiking boots. They’re also typically lighter and have a more slimmed-down shape. You can choose from a variety of trim styles with sleek toe boxes, cushioned heels, and lightweight uppers that allow your feet to breathe. In general, the more breathable materials used in trekking shoes will be heavier.  So you’ll want to make sure they’re not too heavy for you to hike in on a regular basis.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying Trekking Shoes for Women  

Before you invest in trekking shoes, it’s important to know what type of shoe you’re looking for. If you’re interested in lightweight trekking shoes with a breathable upper and footwear, go for shoes that are both durable and waterproof.

The most important thing to remember is that women tend to have narrower feet. This means that in general, shoes designed for men will be too large and shoes designed for women will be way too small. Plus, depending on the model, women may or may not be able to use insoles to customize the fit.

The Bottom Line:

So how do you choose trekking shoes for women? There are several ways to find out:

Just as there are different types of men’s trekking boots (i.e. comfort boots vs. waterproof boots vs. high-cut hiking shoes with removable insoles). There are also different types of women’s trekking shoes and trail running shoes. However, the main differences between men’s and women’s footwear are in the width of the shoe. Women’s shoes tend to have a narrower fit than men’s shoes.

Generally speaking, men will always wear a large size in a woman’s shoe, whereas women will generally wear their regular size.  Or sometimes even a half-size-up in men’s shoes. Also, if you’re shopping for a woman with narrow feet, keep in mind that women often prefer to use insoles to customize their fit.


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