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Trekking near Mumbai

Some Famous Places For Trekking Near Mumbai

by Geetika Gautam

Things to Know When Trekking Near Mumbai

There is nothing as fulfilling and life-changing as trekking near Mumbai. It leaves an indelible mark on anodyne’s soul. 

You learn a lot when trekking and also get inspiration from the beautiful things around you. It is not just about walking for hours but also observing the community and environment. 

At the same time learning from them. Sipping a hot cup of tea while staring at a mesmerizing view is enough to get anyone excited for a trekking expedition. The areas surrounding Mumbai are one of the best places to visit when in Maharashtra. It offers some exciting options. 

If you’ve been looking for a way to get off some adventurous trek, trekking near Mumbai is what you need! We’ve put together a comprehensive list that includes some of the best treks near Mumbai, comprising trails from easy to difficult. 

  1. Navaratri Trek: An easy introductory trek

First things first! If it’s your first time on a trek, consider this the perfect place to get started. You will begin your Navaratri trek at Mahabaleshwar, or you can start in Panchgani. They are the two main starting points for this trek which lies just above Sajjangad and Panchgani.  The actual trek route is a bit difficult to spot. But the beautiful view of the mountain ranges will leave you awestruck. Thus, the highlight of this trek is the Parsauli Lake, which is at its most scenic during autumn.

  1. Kashe Bridge Trek: A real escape from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city!

The Kashe Bridge Trek starts just off the expressway between Madh and Satara.  It is the perfect introductory trek for anyone who has been wanting to experience a life far from Mumbai. This easy trek can be completed in about five hours.  And the best part is that you get to enjoy a river bath after walking through jungle trails. The best part of this trek is that you can choose how difficult you’d like it to be by choosing your trail.   The harder trails offer more challenges. The easiest trail is an easy trekking trail and will involve a little bit of walking along the river. 

There are many trekking agencies in Mumbai that provide treks all over India. Therefore, you should make sure that you take the right kind of gear before going on any of these treks. Because most are not equipped to deal with the extreme humidity and also the temperatures of Mumbai.

Below Are Some Exciting Trekking Near  Mumbai to Check Out 

  1. Sondai Fort Trek

Sondai Fort Trek is just nine kilometers from Karjat railway station. You can watch the beautiful view of Morbe Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Songiri forts, Karnala Fort, Rajmachi, and Matheran mountain range. Sondai Fort Karjat is also known for its watchtower to protect the trade routes. Sondewadi and Wavarle are the base villages of Sondai fort. Sondewadi village is located at 1/4th height of this fort.

2. Tikona Fort

The Tikona Fort is located in Maval, Maharashtra, and is triangular in shape. Because of the presence of sloping sides, it blesses travellers with a thrilling trekking experience near Mumbai. Some sections are quite steep and the trekker is required to lower the body to remain close to the surface. 

3. Tandulwadi

For people who are looking forward to going on monsoon treks near Mumbai, Tandulwadi is the go-to destination for them. It is quite an adventure for trekkers. There are a number of trees that do not let the trekkers see even 10 feet ahead.

4. Mahuli Fort

This fort is a famous one-day trek near Mumbai. It is located in Thane, the tall fort is also the highest peak in the district. The fort is located on the top of a hill and faces the western section of the Sahyadri ranges.

Other Interesting Trekking Points

5. Naneghat

Naneghat is situated in the Western Ghats. Satvahannahs is a trade route. It is also one of the best treks near Mumbai, especially for travelers who want to understand the history of Maharashtra.

6. Lohagad Fort

The Lohagad Fort trek presents an alluring one-day trek near Mumbai for beginners. But you will also have to climb a number of steps. You will, therefore, encounter a diversion that will take you to Bhaja caves.

7. Matheran

Situated around 2500 meters above sea level, Matheran is another great option for trekking near Mumbai. It is a tiny hill station situated in the middle of the Sahyadri range. 


So, never stop exploring!  Therefore, join the best heritage walks, camping, hikes, and trekking near Mumbai. 


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