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Tarsar Marsar Trek

Tarsar Marsar Trek – Prettiest Lake in Kashmir

by Geetika Gautam

Kashmir is a land of ethnic and religious harmony where diverse people from all over the world come together to celebrate peace. This is what Tarsar Marsar trek in Kashmir offers you. Explore this tour package and enjoy the serene beauty of the beautiful Valley of Kashmir. The Tarsar Marsar trek is one of the most popular treks situated in the Valley of Kashmir. The trek comprises alternate day hikes of three days and one night.

A challenging and rewarding journey, you get the opportunity to explore everything from snow-peaked mountains to beautiful cascading streams, terracotta-coloured villages, waterfalls and forests. The serene beauty of Valley of Kashmir will be something which you will cherish for lifetime.

This trek has several villages where you can explore local culture, taste local food and innocent people. You get the opportunity to explore 3-days hiking in the high peaks of Kashmir and experiencing real India. Visit the colourful villages of Baltah, Sinahchoor, Premnagar and enjoy the experience of Glacier National Park of Kashmir. The Tarsar Marsar Trek is an ideal route for trekkers who wish a quick tour of pastures.

The popular Tarsar Marsar Trek is located in the Valley of Kashmir. This trek offers you a rare experience of exploring the high peaks covered with snow. Explore the beauty of Glacier National Park, which is also known as Himalayan Glaciers. You also have an opportunity to visit beautiful villages, as well as enjoy a walk in one of the oldest parks in Asia.

Best Time to Visit Tarsar Marsar  Trek

Hiking in Kashmir during the winter is not recommended, because it’s too cold. You should also avoid this time of year if you want to visit the famous mountains in Gulmarg or Pahalgam. The best seasons to plan a trek are spring and fall; these are the most popular times for treks in Kashmir and you can enjoy fresh mountain air at its coldest point. During the day the temperature of Tarsar marsar trek is around ( 05°C to 15 °C  and during the night the temperature comes down to 03 °C  to  05 °C  which is not bad.

Tarsar Marsar Trek

Aru Base camp & Exotic Grasslands in Tarsar Marsar Trek

Aru is the base camp of Tarsar Marsar trek, it is a small village covered by lavish grasslands. The village is famous because of some cottages, poplar trees and a rivulet flowing through this village’s heart.

How Difficult is Tarsar Marsar Trek in Kashmir?

Kashmir is often depicted in the media as a region wracked with violence, but there are many other facets of its culture that are waiting to be discovered. In this post we’ll explore some of the more lesser-known regions such as Lamchamal, Tarsar Marsar and Dachigam National Park.

This post will give you an overview of how difficult the Tarsar Marsar Trek in Kashmir is and all about its beauty, location and variety.

Tarsar Marsar Trek in Kashmir, Distance, Time and Cost

The Tarsar marsar trekking, which is situated in Tarsar village in central Kashmir and is around 10 km from the city of Anantnag. The trail is approximately 8 to 11 days long. Total distance of the trek is more than 50 km.

Short Itinerary of Tarsar Marsar Trek

  1. Start from Srinagar Airport – Drive to Aru village – 112 Km (4/5 Hours (7958 feet) overnight stay Hotel
  2. Trek from Aru village to Lidderwat (10 km) (5/6 Hours) (9136 feet) night stay camp
  3. Trek from Lidderwat to Shekwas camp (06 km) (4/5 Hours) (11089 feet) (overnight stay at campsite
  4. Trek from Shekwas camp to Tarsar Lake (05 km) (3/4 Hours) (12500 feet) overnight stay camp.
  5. Trek from Tarsar Lake to Sundersar camp (05 km) (3/4 Hours) (12978 Feet) overnight stay camp
    6Trek from Sundersar camp to visit Marsar Lake go to Homwas camp (09 km) (6/7 Hours) (11500 Feet) overnight stay camp
    7.Trek from Homwas to Aru Village (13km).  Same day drive to Srinagar by taxi (112 km) – 4/5 Hours

How to Reach Tarsar Marsar Trek ?

Tarsar marsar trek is one of the best treks in Kashmir. It is a challenging trek with stunning natural beauty on one side and very difficult terrains on the other. Tarsar marsar trek is a 10-day knowledge adventure package where you will experience breathtaking views, get to know various cultures, soak up local wisdom and enjoy unique culinary delights from across Kashmir.

Tarsar marsar trek is also known as Antara jal trek and is the highest trek after Chotta Kashmir. Being the highest trek in Kashmir, it attracts many tourists which makes it a very attractive trek for people who are looking for a lucrative project.

The cost of the trip depends on how much you want to live with the local population and community support.

Why Choose Tarsar Marsar Trek?

For those seekers of adventure and intrigue, Tarsar Marsar Trek in Kashmir is the perfect pick. This region is dotted with more than a few natural landmarks and wildlife sanctuaries. The trail also provides a glimpse into the everyday lives of locals in Jammu & Kashmir. The verdant valleys and high mountain passes make it one of India’s most beautiful regions.

The hilly terrain might sound daunting at first but the mornings are pleasantly cool with temperatures dropping below freezing during winter months. Getting to the point of departure is half the fun during this trek. The road leading up to this stunning destination is 22 kilometers of treacherous twists and turns. Hire a taxi or bike for the day but beware; heavy fog, snowfall and landslides are common in this region so give yourself sufficient time to travel back to basecamp.

The trail starts from Tarsar village and goes over the hilltop towards Barsar village that is famous for its fruit orchards and apple trees. From there, the trail head passes through the village of Khmun and continues south towards Zansar village. The last leg of the trek ends at a camp in Changuor.

The hidden routes are hard to find but well worth exploring. The trail leads through secluded villages and orchards, flanked by streams and gurgling creeks. It is not unusual to run into farmers who will invite you into their humble homes for some home-cooked hospitality.

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