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Skandagiri Trek

Things You Need to Know About Skandagiri Trek

by Geetika Gautam

It’s easy to forget that India is more than just its bustling cities, so it should come as no surprise that Bangalore has a gorgeous countryside full of mountains, temples, and wildlife. One particularly popular day trip is the Skandagiri trek in Karnataka.

Below Are Some Tips For Making Your Time There as Enjoyable as Possible: 

1) The best time to go on this hike is early winter or early spring when you are most likely to experience cooler weather and fewer insects. Make sure to bring water, and make sure you wear sun protection. 

2) The hike itself is only a few hours and after the first couple of hours the sides of the trail will take on more flat land as you make your way up to the hilltop. 

The Skandagiri trek in Kanakapura offers a great opportunity to get lost in nature and explore the lesser-known side of Bangalore. This is an extremely rural area, with rolling hills as far as the eye can see. On top of that, you get a chance to experience some of India’s oldest heritage sites. This region is home to over 120 temples that were built centuries ago during the rule of Emperor Ashoka. You’ll discover that the trek is extremely easy and well-developed, and it’s an enjoyable six to seven hours of trek. The peak is located in one of the most remote areas in Karnataka (Kanakapura), which means you can’t drive to the top. You’ll have to hike, but it’s a pretty easy climb.

The trek begins in the Kanakapura town of Madiwala, which is located at an elevation of 790m (2,560feet). If you want to get to the top, however, you’ll have to drive up a narrow winding road that winds through the hills. From there, it’s an easy walk of around 5km (3 miles) that takes around two hours. 

Skandagiri Trek

Itinerary for Skandagiri Trek, Bangalore

Skandagiri trek is a one day trek in Bangalore. It is about 4 hours from Bangalore. Skandagiri means a place with creepers and bushes. More than half of the route, a beautiful forest trail, has an even gradient till you reach the summit of Skanda Giri which is at 2100 feet elevation. The view from the top is panoramic of Bangalore.

Dos and Don’ts of Skandagiri Trek In Bangalore, Bangalore

The first thing to remember is that the best time to trek Skandagiri is during winters; as it takes longer to reach the top, it gives you a better opportunity to enjoy the views. You also need to remember that you don’t need special clothes or any equipment while trekking this route. Just bring a pair of shorts, long pants and shirt (also comfortable footwear).

Travel Route for Skandagiri Trek

Starting Point: Rathnamachippuram – 5 miles (from KSRTC bus stop at Rathnamachipuram)

Ending Point: Skanda Giri – 13 miles (from BMTC bus stop at Malleswaram)

Approximate Trip duration : 4 hours. Distance covered : 13-14 km. Time taken to complete the trip : 2 Hours and 30 minutes. 

Day One:

Start from your home at around 6 am. From the KSRTC bus stop at Rathnamachipuram, get onto a BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) bus that goes to Malleswaram.  After that, get down at the BMTC bus stop called Malleshwaram Agara. The distance is around 5 miles. Then follow the route indicated in the map attached here with the help of some locals.

Day Two:

After reaching the top, you can choose to stay there or come back down. If you choose to stay there, you need to arrange for a guide and a place to stay (Telangana Tourism Development Corporation. TTDC has lodges at the base camp and also on the top). There is a pay phone at the base camp if you feel lonely. You must carry snacks, water bottles and anything else that is necessary for a one day trek. You can also carry a camera and click pictures of the beautiful places that you see on the way to and from this trek.

Best Time To Do Skandagiri Trek

The trekking destination in Bangalore is called  Skandagiri and it is located on the eastern slopes of Bannerghatta National Park. Skandagiri is one of those treks that can be done all throughout the year.

The main attraction at this place is its biodiversity which includes a variety of flora and fauna. Elephants are also seen grazing quite often. It takes about an hour to cover the 12-kilometre trek from the parking lot to Skandagiri through dense deciduous forests, bamboo clusters and waterfalls. One of the highlights is the Kalatarangan Falls. It takes about three hours to cover the 12-kilometre trek from the parking lot to Skandagiri through dense deciduous forests, bamboo clusters and waterfalls. 

Skandagiri Trekking is also a perfect picnic spot. Many people come here to enjoy aquatic activities as well as the beauty of nature here, like river rafting and camping trips.

Reaching Skandagiri By Your Vehicle From Bangalore

This article talks about the distance and time required to reach Skandagiri from Bangalore by vehicle. Bangalore is popularly known as Bengaluru which is the capital of Karnataka state situated in South India. It has around 8 million people residing and attracts multinational companies with its development and growth opportunities. 

Buses, trains, flights, taxis and journey by personal vehicles are available to reach this destination. The information given below would be helpful to those who want to visit Skandagiri without being too tired or exhausted after a long journey. One can also get the essential information regarding the place such as weather, road and travel tips.

Skandagiri is located in Chamarajanagar district and found in Bangalore at the height of 830 metres at Jaihinnagar to Moodabidri state highway route. This place is famous for a trek where people believe that Shiva blessed the place with his footprints. The trek starts from Moodabidri, around four hours drive. The temperature remains between 15°C to 20°C in the coldest months of October, November and December before dropping to around 10°C during March, April and May. 

The Skandagiri Temple lies on the way and everyone going there must start their trek early enough.


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