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How To Choose Men’s Trekking Pants?

by Geetika Gautam

The first thing you need to do before making any big decisions is figuring out what type of activity you’ll be doing. If you’re more interested in surfing than hiking, then choosing the right men’s trekking pants will not be a difficult task.

All pants serve the same basic function – to cover your legs and keep you warm. Your outdoor activities, however, will determine whether a standard pair of cotton khakis, jeans, or cargo pants are appropriate. You’ll only be carrying the necessary equipment you need to have fun in the wild. If you’re an avid hiker, then it’s important to invest in a high-quality pair of trekking pants.

What Are Trekking Pants?

Trekking pants are trousers that are made for use in outdoor activities, especially when you are trekking in the mountains. These pants are designed in such a way that can be long-lasting under rough use also.  It comprises pockets, zippers, and buttons that make trekking convenient when you wear them.

Some Tips To Choose The Right Men’s Hiking Pants And Give You Some Buying Tips

Basically, there are two types of pants that you need to consider. Cargo pants have lots of pockets for storing the things you’ll need to carry with you in the wilderness. These things may include a map, compass, and first-aid kit. Then there are trekking pants, which typically have fewer pockets but offer more freedom of movement.  

There are many styles of men’s trekking pants, but the basic difference in men’s hiking pants is the cut of the leg. 

There Are 2 Types Of Trekking Pants To Choose From

  • Changeable Trekking Pants

These are the most popular trekking pants because they are custom made for river-crossing or in case of the hot climates. 

  • Regular Trekking Pants

If you’re thinking of trekking in the Himalayas, you must prepare yourself for the wind-chill factor that can make you shiver in the cold. Due to this reason, some trekking pants contain polyamide fabric with thicker fabric. This will keep you safe from high winds. To add on, it will also help to keep you warm.

These kinds of men’s trekking pants are water-repellant. So, if you come across unexpected rains, the water droplets slip off the surface of these pants. Hence, it will not get absorbed.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Men’s Trekking Pants

  1. Material: It’s vital to know which material works best for trekking pants.  You can go for trek pants that must be made out of Polyamide. It is a material that is a combination of fibers, either polyester+elastane. It’s stretchable for regular trekking pants.
  2. Lightweight: You need to choose the right one because the wrong kind of pants will weigh you down on a trek. 
  3. Quick-dry: If trekking in the Himalayas, you should be very careful as the weather is unpredictable. You can encounter dark clouds that simply roll and take you in a surprisingly unwanted shower. Regardless of the season. 
  4. Easy to clean: You never know how treks can get messy like the dusty land, or animal dung. Think if you are sitting under a tree and all of these rolling in the meadows, you might get frustrated. All these will get dirt on your pants. And it’s better to clean all these stains if you wear something like cotton.
  5. Breathable: You must consider breathable pants for your trek. In case, if you sweat, you won’t get to take a bath while on a trek.
  6. Functional Pockets: On a trek, you always use your pockets to keep your phone, camera, dry snacks, etc. These will tumble out, especially when you climb suddenly, or squat on the ground to sit.

Go For Budget-Friendly Trekking Pants

If you’re not careful, you might end up spending a lot on trekking pants. If trekking pants cost above INR 2,500, they are not worth it. More expensive trek pants may be better, but really not worth the price difference.

Conclusion – 

This article might help you make a decision on the right trekking pants for your outdoor adventure. Get down to business and talk about different styles and designs of men’s hiking pants.

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