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Helpful Illustrated Guide on Men Trekking Pants

by Geetika Gautam

Are you lagging behind in the hiking world? Then, you’ve been missing out on these essentials for years. Equip yourself with the perfect men trekking pants that provide comfort and durability. So get ready for any adventure, whether it’s a long-distance hike or just going on an afternoon jog. 

Trekking pants are useful for many different types of activities, from hiking and camping to hunting and fishing. They come in a variety of features that you can use to make your trip a success. That includes cargo pockets, adjustable belts, reflective detailing and even extra-long legs.

Grab these essentials before they’re gone—these pants provide everything you need to get out there and experience the great outdoors. 


  • Adjustable Waistband – Stretchy waistband provides snug support without inhibiting motion or restricting mobility.
  • Firm Seams – Durable and sturdy seams prevent rips and tears while you’re out in the wilderness.
  • Long Leg Zippers – You can expand or shorten the legs of your pants to fit your height.
  • Pockets – Multiple pockets help you keep important items handy, including your cell phone, flashlights and GPS devices.
  • Reflective Stripes – These stripes help you stay visible in low-light settings, such as at dawn or dusk. 
  • Tight Fit – These pants hug your legs, giving you a secure and stable fit as you move.
  • Variety of Colors – You can select from different shades of blue, green and grey to match your hiking style.
  • Water Resistant – Water rolls right off these pants to help prevent sogginess during rainy conditions.

Men’s Trekking Pants – For Hiking  & Mountaineering

The weather this summer is getting hotter and hotter. One way to wear your trekking pants without the burning feeling on your skin is by wearing cool pants. But, in case you don’t have one then? Typically, men trekking pants are more breathable than jeans which are not as thick but still keep you cool.

Trekking Pants

Here Are Some Tips to Choose The Right Trekking Pants for Men

Men Trekking pants have features such as stretchy fabric, ventilation zones and crotch gussets that keep you dry and comfortable too. It is not only hiking pants that are the best for trekking but also other kinds of pants including, khakis and cargo pants.

For hiking, you can choose from cotton or polyester. The main advantage of polyester is its durability as it resists tearing and ripping. However, it will not keep you as cool when you have to hike with hot terrain since the water vapour absorption capacity is very low in polyester. 

Cotton trekking pants on the other hand absorbs so much of the water vapor as it stays cool even after being soaked by sweat. It is obvious that this won’t work in hot terrain but if you’re going in a cold climate, cotton trekking pants are great. 

If you’re going to hike in a dry climate, choose the one with light and breathable material. When it gets hot outside, it is essential to have a pair of trekking pants that can allow your body to breathe easily and well. Light material will also keep you cool when it’s cold out there.

What About The Sizes?

When buying trekking pants, try to buy the ones that fit you snug but not too tight.

Men’s Trekking Pants for Hiking

Are you looking for the best men’s hiking pants? Then, these are some men’s trekking pants that are the perfect option for you. First of all, they are lightweight and comfortable. Furthermore, they have breathable materials that give you a sense of freedom while outdoors. Therefore, you will never be overheated when hiking in the hot weather.

These men’s hiking pants are made of different materials such as Cordura, polyester, cotton and other fabrics. The materials make these men’s trekking pants highly breathable. Furthermore, they are water-resistant which means that you can wear them in the rain or even in the snow. These pants are tight fit to keep your legs warm and secure during your hike. 

Best Men’s Trekking Pants

The best men hiking pants are made of such materials and give you the ultimate comfort and flexibility. Let us review the best men’s trekking pants in the market.

1. Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

Columbia is a well-known name in the outdoor sports industry. This company is known for making highly quality products. For this reason, Columbia Men’s Silver Ridge Convertible Pant is one of the most popular men’s trekking pants in the market. The materials used to make this product are wind and water resistant. One of the best features of these hiking pants is that they give you the flexibility to wear them in any weather.

The features of this hiking pants include a side zip for easy on and off access, a drawcord waist for perfectly fit and a back pocket. These pants are lightweight, comfortable and breathable. Furthermore, they have stretch panels in the knee area which gives you the freedom to move naturally while outdoors. They also have an elastic cuff which allows your hands to stay warm during your hike. 

Pros: You can use side zip to easily take off and on.

They come with a back pocket for all your essentials. The pant material is highly breathable and water resistant.

2. MSR Men’s Convertible Pant

The second-most popular men’s hiking pants of their kind are made by Mountain Safety Research. This company is famous for producing high quality and durable products. For this reason, these hiking pants are also highly popular among outdoor lovers. The materials are of superior quality and are  highly breathable. These are also water resistant and durable.

The features of these hiking pants include a drawcord waist for perfect fit, an adjustable waistband for securing the pants around your waist and two side pockets. These pants are stretchable in the knee area which allows you to move freely while outdoors. Furthermore, they have a water repellent coating that can protect you from water, snow and rain. Another feature these pants have is lower leg zippers which allow you to put them on and off easily. 

Pros: They are made of a material that repels water, snow and rain.

They come with pockets to keep your essentials safe during your hike. 

Popular Trekking Pants for Men

3. The North Face Men’s Atom Pro Convertible Pant

This company is well-known for producing high-quality products. For this reason, these pants are also highly popular among outdoor lovers. These hiking pants are made of different materials such as polyester, cotton and Technora fabric . As a result, it ensures that they are highly breathable, comfortable and water resistant. The features of these pants include a side zip opening for easy on and off access, a back metal-reinforced zipper pocket with secure closure. These pants provide you comfort while outdoors. 

These hiking pants have stretch panels in the knee area so that you can move freely while outdoors. 

Conclusion –

In short, the best men trekking pants feature materials for regulating temperature, waterproofing. It should provide UV-blocking technology and plenty of pockets. 


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