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Kedarnath Trekking

Various Ways to Do Kedarnath Trekking

by Geetika Gautam

Panning for Kedarnath trekking? In that case, you must be very excited! The magnificent aura, temple walls and snow mountains and a divine Jyotirling makes it a breathtaking view to watch. This place is a true divine one can witness! So, the best way to witness Kedarnath is in the form of trekking!

If you are a trekking enthusiast, trekking surely satisfies the adrenal rush in you. But trekking in Kedarnath has more wonderful reasons to visit. It is a sense of pure bliss one can experience. 

It is the Kedarnath shrine that attracts the pilgrims each year in ‘Ashwin’ and ‘Durga Puja’ days. Kedarnath Trekking is the most important pilgrimage of all states. From around 400 to 500 years ago, this was an important pilgrimage for Badrinarayan that touched a thousand pilgrimages in India. This pilgrimage has also drawn attention from outside India like Tibet, China, Burma, Nepal and Pakistan.

Kedarnath trekking

Why is Kedarnath Trekking So Famous?

Kedarnath Trekking is the most popular pilgrimage site in India. According to the ancient legend, lord Shri Ram visited the place. But its importance declined after shifting of capital from Badrinarayan to Delhi by Mughal emperor Aurangazeb. It was in the 17th century that it regained its religious importance with the beginning of famous poet Tulsidas’s “Ram Charit Manas”. 

According to the legend, Kedarnath is a “Smashan” (place of cremation) of lord Sati’s half burnt body. That is why it is also known as ‘Shakti Peeth’.

It is also believed that Lord Krishna in his previous birth was a cowherd named Nand who was a great devotee of lord Krishna and lived with him in Dwarika. It was here, he fell in love with princess Rukmini who was brother Bhishm’s daughter.

Kedarnath Trekking is a holy pilgrimage for all religions. It boasts of several spiritual and religious significance.

The Kedarnath Temple is the most important shrine in Uttarakhand and one of the five “Sarovars” in India. The Kedarnath Temple is 15 km from Pauri Dham, at an altitude of 16,600 ft (4,968 m) along the Ganges River near Gangotri Glacier.

What is Kedarnath Trekking Also Called?

Kedarnath Trekking is also called the Himalayan Treks in India. It generally starts from Guptkashi and ends up at Kedarnath. The trek route to Kedarnath is full of natural beauties like Pindari Glacier, Milam Glacier, Trishul Peak, Sonprayag, Kalpeshwar Mahadev Temple etc.

Kedarnath Trekking is known for its natural beauty and its snow-covered peaks & glaciers. The pilgrims visit Gangotri Glacier first and then trek to Kedarnath. The Gangotri-Kedarnath trek is considered as ‘Paani Snan’, a spiritual and holy journey from Gangotri to Kedarnath. KedarNath trek offers breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks, glaciers, lakes, dense forests and the Ganges in the midst of snow-clad mountains.

It is located at the base of the Kedar range, which is a very well known trek. The area is also known for its natural beauty and the magnificent vistas of the snow-clad peaks, especially on clear days. The trek offers breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks, glaciers, lakes, dense forests and the Ganges in the midst of snow-clad mountains.

Guide for Kedarnath Trek

Kedarnath trekking is one of the most popular treks in Uttarakhand and it’s one of the best experiences you can have in India. This article lists seven diverse ways to do Kedarnath Trek or something different.

1.) Going by foot 

2.) On horseback 

3.) By bicycle  

4.) Walking On foot – trail walkers  

  1. On foot – trekkers 
  2. On foot – local women and children 
  3. By Bicycle – local youth and women 

Local people of Uttarakhand- Garhwal region often take their children for a day trip to Kedarnath as it is a safe place for children to go for a short stroll. The children not only learn about nature but also have a fun time in the Kedarnath Village. 

Kedarnath Trekking Itinerary

In the wake of devastating natural disasters, many people in Kedarnath had to leave the place immediately. But despite being one of the most famous and revered religious places for Hindus all around the world, not many people know about Kedarnath trekking route. In this article, we provide all you need to know about this sacred journey.

Reach Gaurikund

Kedarnath trek begins at Gaurikund. When you reach Gaurikund, you can hire a cab or a shared taxi to reach the destination. Once you are here, buck up yourself and get ready for trekking!

First stoppage: Jungle Chatti

You have to go through the Rambara Bridge to reach Jungle Chatti from Gaurikund. The total distance from Gaurikund to Jungle Chatti is 4 km. But, if you feel tired, you can take a break, drink some water and then continue trekking.

Second stoppage: Bheembali

It is a 3 km trek from Jungle Chatti to Bheembali. On the way, you will be covered by snow-peaked mountains and temple walls. Well! There are accommodations available and you can spend a night here.

Third stoppage: Linchauli

It is another 4 km from Bheembali where you will reach Linchauli. If you think of accommodations, then yes it is available in Linchauli. You can spend the night here and start early in the morning. However, the view of the mountains from Linchauli will take away all your lethargic mood.

Fourth stoppage: Kedarnath base camp

There are several camps on both sides of the pathway in the middle of the beautiful mountains on your way to Kedarnath base camp. You can stop by to take a glance at the panoramic view of the captivating mountains and you will get a pleasure to your eyes. 

The last destination: Kedarnath temple

The final and the most exciting part is 1 km of the trek! Here, you have to trek on snow, so you need to be extra cautious. Once you reach the temple, you are going to encounter an unbelievable sight. The spiritual surroundings will compel you to stay for a longer time. 


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