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Kareri Lake trek

All You Need to Know About The Kareri Lake Trek

by Geetika Gautam

Breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and pristine lakes are just some of the many rewards awaiting you on this trek. Formed from otherworldly rock formations, winding through emerald forests and past villages tucked away in the hills. The Kareri lake trek is a journey into paradise for any nature lover. Come to one of the most beautiful places on earth and see for yourself why Dharamshala is known as “the land without sorrow”.

The trail is easy, with plenty of sights to take your breath away. Begin by driving to the village of Kareri, where you’ll get dropped off. From there on it will be a 5-hour trek, so make sure you’re ready with the necessary gear before setting off. As you pass through Urnaar and Chhota Kothi villages, keep your eyes open for the local women making their way to the fields carrying huge baskets of grain on their heads.

Kareri Lake trek

Enjoy the journey through scenic forested areas before descending into a clearing where the Kareri Lake is located. Set amongst a series of rock formations and seasonal streams. This idyllic lake, part of several sacred lakes that dot the area, is characterised by its turquoise waters. It has striking views and abundance of edelweiss flowers. The scenery continues as you follow a meandering path along the western banks of the lake.

You will be rewarded with stunning views of the area as you trek towards the centre. Choose to take on a shorter level of difficulty and go up Kareri Hill, where you’ll get wonderful views over the surrounding landscape. It only takes a few minutes before you reach Naddi Village and descend into Kothi Valley. Make your way through this beautiful, pine forested area, down to the valley floor where there are several camping sites available.

 (Itinerary of The Trek)

Day 01

Delhi – McLeodganj (2196 mts/7,200 ft)

Other Benefits (On Arrival)

In the evening, you can opt for AC Volvo Coach to McLeodganj from one of the meeting points in New Delhi. It will be an overnight journey.

Day 02

Arrival in McLeodganj

Upon arrival, you can stay in a hotel. On this day, you can either relax in the hotel or can explore McLeodganj. 

Day 03

McLeodganj – Kareri Village Camp (5905 feet) Time: 4-5 hours

After breakfast, you can start the initial phase of the trek to Kareri Village. On this day, you will walk through the dense jungle and isolated villages. For the initial few kilometers, you will walk to the bottom of the slope. And after reaching a point, you can start climbing. 

Day 04

Kareri Village – Lioti (8038 feet) Duration: 4-5 hours

After having breakfast, start on a tough trek till Lioti. During the 4-5 hour journey, you are going to have the best lifetime experience.  You will stroll along the river, cross bridges and even will walk on boulders. Lioti, which is going to be the camping site for the day, is a beautiful alpine grassland located at an elevation of 8038 feet above the sea level. 

Day 05

Lioti – Kareri Lake (10170 feet) Duration: 4 hours

Now, you finally reach the day that you’ve been waiting for! Today, you will trek to Minkiani Pass. It is the point where the lake is situated. For initial kms, you will walk on the steep, rocky and muddy track. It is lined with thick forest mountains on one side, and a river gorge on the other. Since it’s a high altitude trek, here one can see coniferous, and deciduous forest clung to the mountains and clouds surrounding the peak. With every step, altitudes and the level of difficulty will keep on rising. Trails will get a little tough; as you will have to cross some rocky paths. The campsite for this night will be a pleasant meadow. From here you can get the view of Minkiani Pass, Baleni Pass.

Day 06

Kareri Lake to Ghera – McLeodganj – Delhi

Today is going to be the last phase of the trek. Trek down till Ghera, as you walk the hill, you will see a change in geographic. You will also see forest and vegetation will start getting dense with every step. At Ghera, there will be drivers waiting to drop off at McLeodganj hotel. From McLeodganj you can catch an AC Volvo for Delhi. 

Day 07

Arrive Delhi

Arrival in Delhi is the end of Kareri Lake Trek.

Best Time to Visit Kareri Lake Trek

This trek is one of the most popular treks in Dharamshala. It will provide information on the various seasons for you to come for a trek. And it will vary between early autumn, mid-spring and late spring. This blog post also provides some safety measures to be taken before going on this trek.

Why Visit Kareri Lake trek?

Kareri Lake is a small beautiful lake in Himachal Pradesh. It is at a height of approximately 10,000 feet above sea level. It is around 20 kilometres from Dharamshala and is one of the most popular treks in Dharamshala . The Kareri Lake trek consists of many trails and passes.  That hrough beautiful forests, streams, rivers and mountains including the famous Pandu Pindar valley. A trek to Kareri Lake will provide you with an opportunity to explore the nature of this region. It is one of the most beautiful treks in Dharamshala. This is a wonderful opportunity for those who have a love for the forests and enjoy a bit of trekking.

Why Kareri Lake in Spring?

The weather conditions in Dharamshala during spring months are favourable and also ideal for starting treks and expeditions at Kareri lake. The weather will be pleasant and warm, without the extreme heat of summer. Water level in the rivers will be high and the surrounding greenery would add to the natural beauty. There will be a good amount of water flowing in the streams making it easy to cross them. And due to a high amount of rainfall, there are also chances that you can get wet during your trek. As a result, making it a refreshing experience.



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