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Kalsubai Trek

Complete Guide to Kalsubai Trek of Maharashtra

by Geetika Gautam

Kalsubai Trek – Mumbai’s Most Affordable Hikes

If you’re passionate about trekking and are looking for an adventure that satisfies the need for a high-level physical challenge, this blog post is for you! In this post, you will come to know about the best time to do the Kalsubai trek. In this way,  you can embark on your journey safely.

Most people would like to venture out and explore new places as much as possible but it’s important not to go too soon or too late. 

Also, if you’re interested in experiencing some off-the-beaten-track adventure, the kalsubai trek might just be for you. Located in Lonavala on the western edge of Bombay trap. This two-day hike is perfect for people who enjoy a taste of something exotic without risking a life.

The best part about it? It’s also one of Mumbai’s most affordable hikes. Of course, you’ll still have to trek up a good 3000m to reach the top of India’s second highest peak, but unlike the Aarey milk trails and other such hikes in the city, this one doesn’t require a day of rest after a hectic day of hiking.

The Kalsubai trek is also one of Mumbai’s best kept secrets. If you go looking for it at Lonavala tourist office, they might not even know what you’re talking about. It gets far less traffic than the Aarey milk trails and the other more popular treks in the area.

 Kalsubai Trek

Things to do: 

First things first, you’ll need to figure out how to get into and out of Lonavala (the best way is by train). Once you’re there, all it takes is a short bus ride from the station to reach Borwadi village on the foothills of Kalsubai. You’ll be trekking just past this little village (maybe a 10-12min walk) to reach the first campsite. Once you’re done with the trek, there’s a simple ‘meals on wheels’ service available that will take you back via Lonavala.

Kalsubai Trek – Popular Night Trek

In the western part of India, it is inhabited by a large population of tribal people known as the Kalsu Bais. The Kalsu Bais are well-known for their unique blend of ancient and modern culture. For example, the Kalsu Bais eat beef but still worship a river goddess named Dopali. Not surprisingly then, hiking to see this peak has been a tradition followed for centuries in this region.

Maharashtra is the second largest state in India by area. This state has a wide variety of landscapes. From lush green forests with dense vegetation to dry, arid landscapes and even snow-capped peaks. Maharashtra is home to all these different terrains. Still, the mountainous regions are most important for tourism in Maharashtra.

Amongst all mountains of this region, Kalsubai mountain stands out as one of the most popular ones for hikers. Kalsubai is an actual mountain range. The peak of Kalsubai stands at an elevation of 2,467 meters above sea level. One half of the Kalsubai range is located in Maharashtra while the other half is in Karnataka.

Kalsubai peak has been a popular hiking spot for trekking enthusiasts for a long. Moreover, it is one of the few peaks in India that are open from all sides as there are no valleys or ravines here. 

Why is Kalsubai Trek Popular?

Kalsubai Trek is a popular trekking activity in Maharashtra. This peak visit gives the hikers an opportunity to explore the region’s rich culture and beautiful landscapes.

The trek to Kalsubai peak is usually done from Munnar, Tamil Nadu. It is considered one of the best treks in India. However, due to the bad weather in this region, most of the people do not prefer it as a hiking destination. But those who enjoy the challenge of the bad weather, Kalsubai peak trek can be a good choice for them.

Kalsubai peak is a high peak. So it takes a longer period of time to reach this peak from Munnar. So it takes a lot of effort and energy to reach this destination. However, the adventure and thrill that you get from this trekking activity will make all your efforts worthwhile. 

This trekking route is an adventurous journey through rugged terrain with dense forests. At the same time, you also get a chance to see the beauty of nature at its best by crossing beautiful mountain valleys, waterfalls, and streams.

In summary, Kalsubai peak is a perfect destination for trekking if you enjoy the challenge of rough terrain. Moreover, it will give you a chance to see the peaks of the Western Ghats in India along with its rich cultural heritage.

What To Watch Out For in Kalsubai Trek?

You have to avoid Kalsubay trek in Maharashtra from September to November, because this is the rainy season. Also, if you are an outdoor individual with any kind of respiratory or heart related problem, you should consult your doctor before going on this trek. 

The best time of the year to visit the Kalsubai region is March-June and September-November. You can also see a variety of wild animals such as Giant royal Python, Brown bears and Sloth Bear during these months.

The area is located at the base of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra. The forest area is also a protected zone and no open entry is permitted for anyone. Therefore, you will have to go through a trekking permit formalities at Dharwad and Koppa. The trekking passes along the path chosen by generations of local people who have known this route since ages. There are local guides available in villages throughout the region who can take you on the trail.

Trail Information on The Kalsubai Trek

The Kalsubai trek trail starts from Bari Village and can be divided into two parts.

  1. The first part is from Bari Village, through fields, grasslands, and a short forest section.
  2. The second part is the challenging ladder section with about 4-5 narrow ladders. After a viewpoint area, you will reach the final destination where the Kalsubai Temple is located.

Best time To Visit The Kalsubai Trek

You can do the trek anytime of the year. Each season has a different landscape and view. So choose the best time depending on what you like to experience.

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