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Reasons Why People Like Indian Trekking

by Geetika Gautam

What is Trekking?

When you go on trekking, it will take you very close to the natural beauty. Trekking also gives you a chance to explore the culture and the people of the mountain range in India. Indian Trekking is so much popular all over the world. The trekkers come to visit from the remotest corner of the world. They enjoy a breathtaking view of Indian Trekking Treks. There are some famous trekking destinations in India and they are Himachal, Ladakh, Sikkim, Garhwal, and some parts of Northeastern states also. 

Why India is a Great Trekking Destination?

All of us know that India is famous and a hub for mountain trekking. Because it gives us the opportunity to explore diverse geographical regions. And if you are a nature lover plus a trekking freak, then you will definitely love the view. The Himalayan ranges are ideal for the best trekking tours in India. You will get a unique experience when you explore every diverse region of India. The Himalayas of Uttarakhand offers enchanting views of valleys, Sikkim Himalayas gives you a fantastic view of Mount Kanchenjunga.  While on a trek to Ladakh Himalayas you encounter the amazing and astonishing beauty of this region. 

Reasons Behind The Popularity of Indian Trekking

  1. The sheer diversity of flora and fauna: India is home to some of the most iconic wildlife in the world, from tigers to elephants and rhinos. There are around 670 bird species in India, 20% of which are endemic to the country. You can observe animals like the elusive Snow Leopard or comeback Painted Hunting Dog with nearly guaranteed sightings during your trek.
  2. The rich cultural history: India has a long and complex history with many fascinating stories that are often not taken into notice.  India’s rich cultural heritage is also seen in both the food and handicrafts that are produced and sold across the country. The architecture of many of India’s religious complexes and temples is truly awe-inspiring. Nowhere else on Earth will you find such a variety of ancient history as in India.
  3. The variety of different treks: There’s no shortage of options for backpacking in India, with several options for a wide variety of skill levels. You can hike from village to village, or follow one of the legendary trails. You can also take advantage of the support and amenities.  And these are offered at many well-good trekking lodges and hiking camps across the country.

Other Reasons Behind People Liking Indian Trekking

  1. The great altitude and diverse terrain: India is home to some stunning mountain scenery. The tallest peaks in the world are located there. You can see the Himalayas, or trek through less well-known mountain ranges like the Nilgiris and Kumaon. These ranges hold their own unique attraction. High altitude treks offer a chance to experience trekking in a completely different light.
  2. The vast cultural diversity: India is a country with a lot of different faces! From religious festivals to the bustling marketplaces.  You’ll enjoy the different communities and cultures.
  3. The varied cuisine: India has dozens of different types of cuisine across hundreds of unique geographic regions. You’ll find everything from paneer to samosas.  And each region is known for something specific in terms of culinary style or specialty! You can also sample vegetarian or Ayurvedic cuisine, which is highly popular across the country.
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