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How to win a fair amount by playing Dream 11

by Geetika Gautam

How to win a fair amount by playing Dream 11?

There are many fantasy contests now which are being operated in the cricketing world right now. These fantasy contests are fun and many times enjoyable for those who win prizes through this application. Now the application and the websites like Dream11, My11Circle, and many more online fantasy apps have grown very popular. 

In India, Dream11 is the most popular site and application for playing Cricket fantasy contests. They found the number one fantasy site in 2008 at Mumbai in Bhavith Seth and Harsh Jain. Dream11 has 50 million users each day, and its popularity has been increasing continuously. 

Dream11 has been the most popular and most discussed application around the world today. The cricket fans are the ones who have liked this fantasy site. Dream 11 involves the fans to be with their favourite to a great extent.        

On the Dream11 application, the cricket fans can enjoy the game and predict using their brains. While some of the fans may also get the profits if they name the correct playing eleven and if their match predictions are right. 

Dream11 has been another source where the fans can bring in some additional cash. For some, this fantasy application has been a side interest business. Each and every individual who utilizes this application needs to succeed at any expense. In any case, one can’t generally prevail as it’s anything but something clear on this huge and serious application.

Top 3 helpful tips for Dream11 Fantasy application

Today, in this article, we will bring the top 3 helpful tips for our viewers and readers, which will help our fans and help them to win prizes while playing the Dream11 Fantasy application – 

    • Play in small contests to win big money – While playing on the Dream11 application, one should not go into the big game straight away at the start. It is an instinct to win on the first go. But we urge our fans not to do that because they might lose cash, and due to that, they will be frustrated. In Dream11, the predictions count but many times, it depends purely on the luck factor. The fans must stay patient and not be greedy. By playing small in contests, one may not win big prizes. But they also may not end up losing more cash as a tiny mistake in prediction may put you out of the contest and that too without making anything. 
  • Chose a wicketkeeper Captain for the Team – In Cricket every battle across the format is the head-to-head battle, and nowadays, there are some exceptional wicket keepers around the world. Earlier, the wicketkeepers could only be behind the wickets for the chances created by the bowlers. In the now-day era, they expect the wicketkeepers to bat in all three formats.  Now, these wicket keepers are also the best batsmen in the ranks. As we all know, there is only one wicketkeeper in the playing XI of any team which is playing any format. In Dream11 prediction, if the wicketkeeper performs well with bat and gloves, then the user will earn a double point than the opponent. If there is a match between England and West Indies, both of their wicket keepers will have more overs to bat as Bairstow opens the innings for England and Shai Hope also bats in the top 3 for West Indies. Choosing a wicketkeeper as the captain might give the user a double point as we all know the one carries three different tasks on the fields, which is not easy. So, choosing another player as a captain will not benefit the users. 

Toss is an essential factor while playing Dream11 – In Cricket, toss is a crucial factor. The team can choose whatever they want. But in Dream11, the users should focus on which team will bat first in the match. If a weaker team bats first, then there is a possibility that a team can get bundle out even before the whole quota of overs. The user needs to pick strong bowlers and batsmen from that weaker team because these matches are low scoring ones, and the stronger batsmen will chase the target down. If the more potent team bats first, they will post a good score on the board. The users need to pick a hard-hitting all-rounder who can slog in the final overs and pick up a wicket. When the weaker team chases this big score, they will get out cheaply, so the user must choose two good bowlers to make it a best 11.

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