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by Geetika Gautam


The first thing to bear in mind is that the law requires that any vehicle circulate with at least basic insurance, although this regulation is not met in all cases.

Why is insurance mandatory?

In the event of an accident, the insurance companies bear the expenses caused by the damages, but for this to be fulfilled it is necessary that the insurance policies are up to date with payment and you can also have insurance while buying from auto for trade.

When two or more vehicles are involved in an accident, the data is usually exchanged by filling in the official forms, although this does not guarantee that the data collected is true or that the insurance is in force.

For this same reason, knowing if a vehicle has insurance can be very important so that an accident does not have a complicated and stressful resolution.

How to know if a vehicle has insurance?

To know if a car is insured or not, you must consult the FIVA

The FIVA or Insured Vehicle Information File is the official source you should consult to find out whether or not a car is insured. The Insurance Compensation Consortium, for its part, is the entity in charge of managing and guarding the file to facilitate the consultation of information.

If you have an accident, the FIVA allows you to quickly find out if the insurance company of the vehicles involved in said accident covers their civil liability or not.

The Civil Guard is directly connected with the FIVA and you do not need to carry the insurance documentation with you to certify that it is paid. Likewise, you can consult it directly via fax, email, in person or virtually.

Request for face-to-face information

It is a physical procedure that you must do in the official delegations of the consortium. You must fill in the application form that you will find.

Once completed, you must attach the friendly declaration or the damage report and present it all together, just as you would by email or fax.

You must not forget to specify if you request the information on behalf of another person or on your own. In case of being a representative, you must prove said representation.

Virtual consultation

This option is not available to everyone, as it is restricted to insurance companies that meet a minimum standard of reliability to handle the data collected here.

The emergency services and health centers that have signed an agreement with the Consortium may also have access to this information, always upon request for access both for centers that adhere to the CAS (Healthcare Agreements) and for those that do not adhere.

Consult insurance if you have not had an accident

In case you have not suffered an accident, it is not so easy to know if your car has insurance or not. For example, if you want to verify the insurance of your company car, you cannot ask FIVA personally, but you must use other channels.

The easiest way is to contact the owner of the vehicle or the person responsible for paying the insurance. If you have questions about who owns the vehicle, you can find out through the license plate of the car .  In the case of a company or rented car, they should not oppose you having the contact details of the insurer and the supposedly signed policy.

Knowing if a car is insured is very easy

As you can see, knowing if a car has insurance is not something too complicated. Going to FIVA and contacting by any of the established means will be enough. The information you obtain will be timely and truthful about the vehicle with which you may have had an accident.

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