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Extender Setup for MSRM US302:

by Geetika Gautam

Extender Setup for MSRM US302:


A well-known brand that offers AP Extender Setup and Wi-Fi routers is MSRM US302 Extender Setup. Up to 300MB / s network speeds are supported by the MSRM US302 Extender setup. It is 172-metres in length. It is a dual antenna system supporting networks of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, respectively. This Wi-Fi range extender eliminates all hurdles by using the ‘Dual-Rotation’ antennas, such as walls, mobile computers, and so on. You are supported with high, stable, and consistent speeds by the 802.11b/g/n feature. It has functions that are easy to configure, making it user-friendly and simpler to use. The attributes.


Ap.Setup | MSRM Us302MSRM US302 Wi-Fi Extender Setup Using a Web Browser:


  • Make sure you’ve got an active internet connection at home. Also, ensure that a power supply is connected to the router.
  • Plug the MSRM us302 extension into a Wi-Fi router power socket and then ‘On’ power it.
  • Now, click on Wi-Fi and check for and connect to a Wi-Fi network that says ‘MSRM-xxx’ using your tablet, laptop, or some other portable device. Originally, it will have no encryption, no password
  • On the same screen, open the tab and then search for ‘’ or ap.setup admin. You will now be routed to a page demanding that you input a password and an administrative username. Write ‘admin’ in the ‘Title’ and ‘Password’ boxes, respectively.
  • Click the button for ‘Repeater Mode.’ Now, pick the Wi-Fi network that you want to extend from the Wi-Fi network list to your new Wi-Fi router.
  • There are two alternatives now, whether to set a new name (SSID) and password or to use the same setup. as the router ID. Select one that is wanted.
  • You will need to configure the MSRM extender network on the next tab. Enter a name (SSID) and a password when appropriate. For the 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, respectively, you will need to run this phase twice (the password must be the same as that of the router).


Before you click on ‘Next’, you will be routed to a page to verify the setup. Wait for the extender to start up two minutes until the setup. is done, and then you can again connect your computers to the extender network.


MSRM US302 Extender setup For WPS:


  • Make sure you have a power supply hooked up to both the primary Wi-Fi router and the MSRM US302 Wi-Fi range extender.
  •  Make sure they are near enough to be identified.
  • The MSRM repeater will bind to your main router’s Wi-Fi network automatically.


On US302 MSRM: Check Firmware:


  • Ensure that the extender is wired and linked by ‘ON’ to a power supply.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi and scan for and connect to a Wi-Fi network that says ‘MSRM-302’ using your tablet, laptop or some other portable device will have no encryption and no password initially.
  • In the same machine, open a window, then check for ‘’ http:/ap.setup/admin. You will now be routed to a page demanding that you input a password and an administrative username. Write ‘admin’ respectively in the ‘Title’ and ‘Password’ dialog boxes.
  • Go to the Administration Device Update on the ‘home page’. Under the Automatic Upgrades page, click on ‘Upgrade the firmware’. If possible, ensure that you have a secure internet link to upgrade the firmware.
  • Once updated, setting up and rebooting the extender could take around 2 minutes.


MSRM Resetting US302:


  • Using a pin, press and hold the reset button on the side of the device for about 10 seconds before clicking ‘ON’ on the extender.
  • You can recall that the LED will turn red after some time, showing that it is rebooting.
  • The power lead on the reboot extender only ensures that it is completely reset for around 30 seconds.


Methodology 2:


  • Make sure the MSRM extender’s Wi-Fi network is wired to either your computer, laptop, or smartphone.
  • Open the browser on the same computer and check for ap.setup, or ‘http:/’.
  • Access the administrative ‘Username’ and the ‘Password’ after accessing the first tab. On the ‘Home Page’ setup button, click on the’ Management ‘link. Click on ‘System’ from the drop-down menu and then click on the ‘Factory Defaults’ button.
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