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Dayara Bugyal Trek

All You Need to Know About The Dayara Bugyal Trek

by Geetika Gautam

If you are looking for a good place to visit in Uttarakhand, Dayara bugyal trek is one of the most popular treks to do. 

Dayara Bugyal Trek is a trek for the people of all age groups, who want to explore Uttarakhand like a naturalist. Naturalists who are in search of wild animals and rare plants, not for killing them or looting their habitat. The B.B. trek, which is also known as the “plains trek”, covers 150 km (93 mi.) of terrain and takes about 2 weeks to complete. You will pass through B.B. Forest (Dehradun), Rambara and other places of natural beauty in Dehradun district, including the famous Satopal ghat.

The Most Beautifully Landscaped Meadow in our Country

Dayara Bugyal Trek is the only place in the country that has got a unique pattern of natural beauty and wonders. It is also a land where nature’s charms are at their best, a place where you feel as if you are witnessing some rare natural phenomenon. The Dayara bugyal trek truly is, therefore, awe-inspiring and fabulous in display with its dense forests and enchanting meadows.

The waterfall is also one of the key attractions of the dayara bugyal trek in Dehradun.

There are many other attractions on this trek as well that make it a highly popular tourist destination. The dayara bugyal trek is a 12 km long trek through Shivalik forests above Dehradun city. The trek has no major pot-holes and is navigable by jeep and bike during the dry season.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

How Does The Trek Begin?

The trek begins at the Sarsai village, 8 km from Dehradun. The first part of the trek goes through an open meadow field of mustard fields, wheat fields and corn fields.  Therefore, this gives one a beautiful view of Tons river flowing in the distance. The second part is all about climbing through some hilly rocky paths.

The beauty of the trek lies in the fact that it gives you a perfect chance to feel the sub-zero temperatures and thick forest cover at high altitudes.

In this trek, you will face three major difficulties. First is the steep climb up from Sarsai to Harishchandragad fort which takes about an hour and a half. Second is the climb down from Shivalik fort to Bhagsu Nag (a waterfall) which takes about another hour and a half. Third is the climb up from Bhagsu Nag to Rishikesh which takes about half an hour.

There are two levels at which you can enjoy this trek. The first level is that of the local villagers who graze their animals here and go to Rishikesh (8 km) on foot everyday. As a result, you get a chance to see them as they trek down the narrow path in early morning or late evening after grazing their animals.

The second level is of the tourist who will take away a lot of priceless memories from this trek. Accommodation options are also available at two nearby hotels and camps.

Connecting Dehradun to Rudraprayag via jeep route is approximately 28 km long and takes approximately 4 hours to complete the journey. The jeep service is suspended during winters i.e. December to February due to heavy snowfall and the track is almost impassable because of deep snow.

You can also take a direct jeep from Rudraprayag to Dehradun for about Rs. 900.

This dayara bugyal trek starts from Daudpur village in Pauri district enroute Pauri Garhwal and Chamba districts of Himachal Pradesh. It ends at Rishikesh where you will catch a Share taxi or share auto through the route.  The route may take around 7 hours to finish this trek up to Rishikesh. The jeep service is suspended during winters. 

Itinerary of the Dayara Bugyal Trek

Drive From Dehradun to Raithal

You can book a transport early in the morning. The cost of the cab can cost around Rs 6,500 per vehicle for SUV and Rs 10,000 per vehicle for Tempo Traveller.

Trek from Raithal to Gui

Distance: 3 km | Duration: 4 hours | Altitude: 7,142 ft to 9,630 ft

Explore the Raithal village in the morning before you start the trek. It’s a village worth exploring, with beautiful nature around it.

Trek from Gui to Chilapada

Distance: 2 km | Duration: 2-3 hours | Altitude: 9,630 ft to 10,515 ft

This a quick trek through lovely oak forests. Mostly flat walks. Make use of this day to explore the areas around Chilapada and acclimatise well. During winters, you can also expect a carpet of snow under your feet.

Trek From Chilpada to Nayata 

Distance: 9.25 km | Duration: 6-7 hours | Altitude: 10,515 ft to 9,186 ft via 11,950 ft

This path will take you across meadows followed by a final ascent to Dayara Top. You get to see the meadows of Dayara. These are a few of the best alpine meadows you’ll encounter.

Trek From Nayata to Raithal

Distance: 8.30 km | Duration: 4-5 hours | Altitude: 9,186 ft to 7,142 ft

There are small stretches of highs and lows for 1.5 hours followed by a steep descent. You have to walk mostly through forests until you reach Raithal.

Drive Back From Raithal to Dehradun

Distance: 185 km | Duration: 9 hours 

Cost of the cab can be around Rs. 6,500 for each vehicle and Rs 10,000 for Tempo Traveller. You will then reach Dehradun between 6.00 and 7.00 PM.

Best Time to Visit The Dayara Bugyal Trek

The best time to hike Dayara Bugyal seems to be almost 8 months in a year except for the monsoons. 

How Difficult is The Dayara Bugyal Trek?

Dayara Bugyal is one of the lesser known trekking destinations in Uttarakhand. The region has been untouched by mainstream tourism. Hence, it remains very unexplored and untouched. The region is also home to a pretty large number of wildlife including Himalayan ibex. It is also a paradise for birdwatchers, where you can encounter a variety of birds during the trek. This trek is known as an easy to Moderate trek and is suitable for beginners as well.


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