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Trekking near Mumbai

Some Amazing & Adventurous Trekking Near Mumbai

by Geetika Gautam

Mumbai is one of the most populated and bustling cities in India. It is a melting pot of all religions, languages, and cultures. It is a great place to visit if you want to experience it. The city has to offer some best trekking near Mumbai

The city isn’t all business. Mumbai does not always have to be about work, the office, the traffic, and the daily grind. Mumbai has many recreational areas that can help you unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

If fresh air is what you are looking for, there are a number of trekking opportunities in Maharashtra state. There are a variety of treks that can fit any season and you can explore some of the most popular treks in this article. Mumbai has a variety of treks for the adventurer in you. You can hike, bike, and even camp in some of the more remote areas throughout the city.

Great Weekend Destination for Travellers

If you love to get out into the great outdoors and explore, then this is the blog post for you. There are many trekking near Mumbai and this article will discuss some of them in detail. The article will also provide information about what you need to pack for a trek.

Trekking near Mumbai

Trekking is all about exploring natural beauty, as well as discovering new things about yourself. There are many trekking near Mumbai that you can embark on, but first we will discuss some popular ones.

These treks are great for anyone looking to get out of the city and see different sights. They provide great exercise as well. The best thing about trekking is that you don’t need a ton of equipment, as people often tend to forget this when thinking about trekking. You can also go at any time of the day and not have to worry about the weather conditions too much. If you love to connect to nature, and explore, then you will love this article. So, let’s get started!

So, let’s explore some treks in Mumbai!

Devkund Waterfalls Trek near Mumbai

Devkund Waterfalls Trekking near Mumbai is a fun adventure to do if you are looking for an outdoor activity. It will take about three hours to go through and is mainly for the thrill of the ride. This adventure has a little bit of everything, like streams, waterfalls, cliffs and forests. The temperatures tend to be between 10 – 35 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The average elevation is 880 meters above sea level. This is a great adventure because it offers variety in different areas such as nature and culture.

 Kothaligad Fort Trek – Peth Fort Trek

One of the most remarkable trekking destinations in the country is Kothaligad Fort Trek near Mumbai. Situated in a beautiful pristine forest, this trek offers serene and scenic views of the nearby plantation.  Along with splendid moments for deep reflection. The hike to this fort takes about 4 hours and leads you through fragile forests surrounding green hills as well as valleys.

Karnala Fort Trek

Delve into the history of Karnala fort and enjoy a scenic trek down the foothills.

Karnala is one of those gems that not many people know about. Tucked comfortably in the Sahyadris. This mountain fort was constructed by Shivaji Maharaj to keep a watchful eye on the coast below. The recently renovated mountain paths are also perfect for hikers and nature-lovers alike. It offers spectacular views of Mumbai’s ever-growing skyline in all directions. 

 Kalavantin Durg

One of the favorite places to explore is Kalavantin Durg. One of the most unique things about this fort that makes it a better place is the fact that it has such a variety of vegetation. Starting from dry thorny trees, lush green grass, and blossoming flowers. The wide range in scenery is what keeps people coming back for more.

Garbett Point Trek

Garbett Point Trek (GP) is a trek that starts at Matheran and touches the southernmost point of Mumbai in Maharashtra, India. GP is one of the most challenging treks in India, with few easy routes to get to Mumbai. The trek goes through the forests and valleys of river Vaitarna.

The trek will also be known as a very beautiful one. This is because of its great scenery, natural beauty and serenity, cool weather, fresh air and peace.

Irshalgad Fort Trek

This trek is one of the most popular in the area and is not for beginners. It will take you on an exciting journey with an astonishing panoramic view of the Sahyadris. This trek concludes within a walking distance from KG Dam. So it can be concluded within a day’s time by anyone who wishes to do it. The trek starts from kasbharli and walks up to kong dam by the river. It is not a hard walk, but for those who have not been on a trek before, it is recommended that you go with a guide.

The area is known to be haunted and many locals see ghosts along the way. People believe that if you pray at the right time on the right places of this trek, then you will get good luck and protection against demons.

Jambulmal Trek Highest Point of Mumbai 

Now, if you are looking for an escape from your chaotic and hectic life, trekking near Mumbai, then this blog is just the place for you! You can find a short little write-up of Jambulmal Trek Highest Point of Mumbai. This is a natural trail near Borivali West where most people often go hiking.

Mahuli Fort Trek

Travellers in India are captivated by the country’s rich and varied heritage. The Britishers, Portuguese, Mughals and others who passed through India have left behind an unmistakable imprint of their culture, architecture and lifestyle. They all shaped our history but it is the Maratha Empire that has shaped Maharashtra. Mahuli Fort Trek near Mahabaleshwar is a famous green trail for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Dodhani to Matheran Sunset Point Trek 

Cheer up — the sun is setting. You’ve just started your trek from Dodhani to Matheran and you want to experience the sunset at a point before you hit your destination. For starters, there are more than a few places where you can enjoy this reward right around Matheran. But the most popular choice is to alight at the Sunset Point, which you can see in your right hand (the one facing east).


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