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Aadrai Jungle trek

Aadrai Jungle Trek – The Unexplored Jungle Trek From Mumbai

by Geetika Gautam

A good option to start for those looking for an adventure in India. It is approximately 139 kilometres away from Mumbai,  the Aadrai jungle trek is a perfect escape from everyday life.  

At the heart of the Aadrai jungle trek  is a small, cascading waterfall. The sound of water trickling down and over rocks is calming and delightful, even as you struggle upstream towards your destination. The thick, green walls of the forest make way for a riverbed which runs on to wet cement below. Therefore, providing powerful water pressure to crash against you. The trail is rough and wild, perfect for a jungle trek.

Overgrown bushes and vines block the path while you struggle on to the waterfall. From fighting through creepers and branches to see what lies ahead. The forest smells pungent as you struggle to make sure you’re on the right path. The sound of your boots clacking against cement is deafening due to the noise from rushing water.

The river flows so fast that it swells over rocks and occasionally shoots down a waterfall. The water pressure is much stronger than expected, and the stones send boulders into the air for you to dodge. The parts of the river are flat, making for an easy climb up towards a small slide of water cascading down. The riverbed is filled with large rocks, but you can still easily walk on until you reach the destination at the waterfall.

Aadrai Jungle trek

An Adventurous Experience to The Aadrai Jungle Trek

A gorge of a jungle trek, the jungle trek promises an adventurous experience. The hike is arduous, with heavy bleeding hands and substantial exhaustion after hours of walking. The views and sights are also  worth it. At the end of your journey, you’ll probably lap up the water from your feet after experiencing a riverside spa by the waterfall.

On a long weekend, getting out of the city and into the Aadrai jungle trek is fun. On weekdays, you’ll definitely have the jungle to yourself. There’s no water facility in the forest for a quick shower post-trek. So you’ll need to carry enough water on your back. Wear comfortable shoes; sneakers will do just fine. Trekking poles are also available in case you need some help with balance.

The trek starts at a small road; from there it’s downhill all the way.

Overview/Itinerary of Aadrai Jungle Trek


The article discusses the Aadrai jungle trek, which is one of the most popular treks in India. It talks about what type of people should go on this trek and where they should do it. It also provides a brief summary of what the trip is like and how to prepare for it. The article also tells you about how to get there, as well as some resources for finding out more about this hike.

Where is Aadrai Jungle Trek?

The Aadrai jungle trek is located in Pune and can be reached in about an hour from the main city. It takes you through the Maasai village of Aadrai, through their jungle, and along their trails to a mountain peak called Murud-Malgir. Along the way you will see wild elephants, blackbuck, monkeys, and birds of many kinds.

Who Should Go

The Aadrai jungle trek is a moderate hike. The only hazards you will face are the steepness of parts of the trail and the heat of Maharashatra at certain times during the year. In order to best enjoy this trek and not feel rushed, it is best to allow at least 4 nights for it. Therefore, you should be in good shape but not necessarily a professional hiker.

The temperature in Pune ranges from almost freezing to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, if you are hiking in the summer, it is important to bring plenty of water and to be able to carry it with you along the trail. If there has been heavy rain recently, parts of the trail will likely be muddy and slippery. Therefore, sturdy shoes are a good idea along with a walking stick if you have one.

What to Bring

In order to make the most of your trip, you should bring along a digital camera with a large memory card and plenty of extra batteries. Some hikes can be dangerous and cameras can help you document the adventure as it happens. Additionally, it is helpful to have a water bottle that you can fill along the trail.

A walking stick may be useful for balancing on the narrow trails if there is any mud or snow on them. A rain cover will help keep your equipment dry during rainy weather. 

The Aadrai jungle trek can be rough on your feet. Allergies are a possibility so bring along a bandage, antihistamine pills and extra pair of socks just in case. Additionally, it is best to wear some kind of shoes with rubber soles if you are hiking on trails that are mostly rocky and steep.

A scarf/neck warmer is an excellent idea for cold weather hikes as well as this one. Many of the trails are covered in trees and bushes and can get quite chilly at night.

As far as clothing goes, bring whatever you need to be comfortable (the sun will be shining most of the time). If it gets cooler during your hike, many people bring a sweater along. A hat is also useful if it gets windy but not too cold.

Short Journey Trip

  • Leave at 5 AM. from Pune/Mumbai (This is a 3 hrs journey for base village).                           
  • After that, proceed by private transportation towards the base village Khireshwar.                           
  • Reach the Base Village at 8:30 AM. Get freshen up 
  • Breakfast and start the Trek by  9:30 am.                                                       
  • Enjoy jungle trail, Malshej Ghat, Kalu Waterfall, and Harishchandragad view 
  • Lunch after trekking                                                    
  • Start the return Journey towards Pune/Mumbai.                                                                                        
  • Reach Pune (Time depends on the road and mode of transport)
  • Tour Ends with Good Memories.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Things to Carry

  • Good Trekking shoes
  • Torch (only for night treks) 
  • Snacks
  • SBlankets(only for night treks/ and camping)
  • Winter wear (Depending on season)
  • Extra pair of clothes
  • Personal hygiene kit.
  • Personal medicine kit.
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