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12 You shouldn’t miss Free Things In Malaysia!

by Geetika Gautam

12 You shouldn’t miss Free Things In Malaysia!


Malaysia is a nation of diversity, a melting pot of Asian cultures that make “Malaysia, Asia.” It is famous for its food, culture, and religious diversity that absorbs people from many Asian countries. This makes Malaysia one of the most popular tourist destinations in a single place to taste the Far East. Foolish shopping, wilderness, exotic spas, fun theme parks, diving, and sailing as well as rock climbing are also available. Yes…this is a list of items you want to pack your bags right now to Malaysia. There are 12 free products in Malaysia that you can do and keep your budget down.


1. Kuala Lumpur Cycling


Go cycling on KL’s environmentally friendly city circuit and promote additional cyclists, walkers, and skateboarders on the road. Place your wheels in motion and experience the excitement of cycling with your mates and KL locations. In the Golden Triangle area, the cycling circuit is located so that you can finish shopping along the road!


2. Visit the Gardens of Perdana Lake


In Malaysia, there are many parks, but the best of them is the outdoor park in Perdana Lake Gardens. It dates from the 1880s and its success. Perdana Lake Gardens is a regular venue for cultural and musical events in Malaysia, built around an artificial lake with colorful flowers and botanical gardens.


3. Shop in the only free market in Pasar Percuma, KL!


Before human culture accepted the currency for the purchasing and sale of goods, Pasar Percuma brings you back to BC 6000. This is an entirely different idea of shopping base on a trading system where something can be carried, such as old clothing, shoes, bags, etc. This involves replacing the item for another item that you can no longer use. You will be able to talk with books, music tapes, CDs and even people free of charge. In this economy, all are free, hence the free market name.


4. Hotspots in Langkawi Free transfers to nature


In this nature-filled place in Malaysia, there are many attractions. The site has been kept so clean that no sides, concrete structures, religious buildings, or human architecture are available. It’s instead a place of abundant new, greenery-filled nature, spas, and local culture. Buffalo Park, Burnt rice field, the craft complex of Langkawi, and the Oriental town of Langkawi are free attractions.


5. Visit the caves of Batu


One of the main attractions in Selangor is the Hindu temple for worshippers and visitors. The outcrop of calcareous sandstone position in the north of Kuala Lumpur, Thaipusam, draws a large crowd. It is one of Malaysia’s most glorious places and its most holy Hindu sanctuary. Free entry!


6. Penang National Park for Free Trekking


Adventure junkies don’t want to skip trekking and walking events wherever they fly. Malaysia is a location that offers different walking options and also free of charge! Their position includes Gunung Lambak, located in Kluang City, Penang Hill Loop, Pine Tree Trail, etc.


7. Malaysia Railway Museum Free Entry


This museum houses a wide variety of Malaysian railroad memorabilia from its colonial days, something of a hidden gem. The bone of an elephant, which was killed on a train in 1894, is among the most fascinating exhibits. The city’s main building, which is one of the highlights of the city, is the museum’s main building.


8. Go to the visitor center of Royal Selangor.


The Royal Selangor offers us the chance to explore Malaysia’s various cultural aspects by making a grey alloy of tin and copper with antimony, through the lens of one of its leading art. The Royal Selangor entrance is free of charge and is open every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


9. Discover KLCC’s rhythmic water spring


In the evenings, you can watch KLCC’s rhythmic water fountains dancing in various songs and musical arrangements. Take a stroll in the environment and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the moving musical wells.


10. Take a British Building Colonial Tour


Sultan Abdul Samad was built in 1897 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was one of the first British buildings. This area east of Piazza Merdeka is filled with ancient colonial buildings that take you back to the old British Empire. Walkthrough the region and appreciate the sturdy and still solid British structures.


11.   Free access to Malaysia’s National Library


Visit Malaysia National Library (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia) in a spacious and well-kept manner. The library provides not only a broad range of reading materials and papers but also scholastic holidays and narrative programs. Children can also check the newest “smart Samsung library” where Samsung items can be used for games or free study. From Tuesday to Saturday, from 9 am to 7 pm, the library is available for anyone.


12. Tasting of free wine


A glass of wine in Malaysia costs too much, but you can taste wine at no charge in a spot called “One Avenue, Dataran Pelangi.” You are able to get to know more about the special varieties of all South African wines here and talk to many worldwide wine enthusiasts. You have to book free wine degustation sessions every Friday from 17.00 – 18.00 because the place is full. Please remember that.


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