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10 fabulous Southern African places to visit

by Geetika Gautam

10 fabulous Southern African places to visit


There are so many unbelievable things to visit for a living in South Africa.South Africa is one of my favorite nations. It’s no mystery. I’ve only been there three times and I want to go over and over again. This is very much to offer a spot. In South Africa, there are many lovely places to visit. Lovely towns, beautiful beaches, the African bush, its wildlife, the rough coast, the mountains and woods, vineyards, canyons: there is something for all kinds of travelers, and It is not beautiful why they call it the “world in one country”In addition to the delicious food, excellent wine, and the truly great value for money, you can easily see why this holiday destination is becoming increasingly popular.


10 Wonderful places to explore South Africa


Town Cape


Cape Town is only required if you have time to visit a place in South Africa. This is the oldest town in the country, known as the Mother City (founded in 1652) and it is easily one of the world’s most beautiful cities. This is definitely one of the most unbelievable places in South Africa to visit.


Cape Town offers some of South Africa’s best tourist attractions. Enjoy the panoramic view of the town from Table Mountain. I encourage you to spend a few hours before sunset to enjoy what is truly one of the world’s most spectacular sunsets.


Robben Island


Robben Island is certainly one of the most beautiful locations in South Africa. It is here that political figures like Nelson Mandela were held in the high-security prison until the end of the apartheid. The ferry is about 45 minutes away (depending upon the sea), from the port right next to the waterfront of V&A. You can easily get there on a day trip out from Cape Town.


Muizenberg and Kalk Bay


Muizenberg is a quaint coastal town about 30 minutes’ drive from Cape Town, which can be easily enjoyed by the Mother City on a day trip. It is one of South Africa’s most beautiful places to visit. Its main draw is the lovely, white, sandy beach, with its picture-friendly colorful beach houses. It’s also one of the country’s best surf spots.Kalk Bay is the sort of place to stop on the peninsula for a fast coffee and end up spending some hours in antique and vintage shops a short drive from Muizenberg. It is gorgeous! It is gorgeous!


The Wine Region – Stellenbosch and Franshhoek

One of South Africa’s most beautiful places to visit is the Wine Region – Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, and Paarl.

Stellenbosch, famous for the unbelievable wines, is filled with history and small museums and art galleries. The vineyards are excellent wine degustation places to visit. They all have something unique – some concentrate on conservation, some are historical and antique, some even mix your own wine! The only thing they share is the outstanding quality of the wine.

West Coast National Park

The West Coast National Park is a favorite for local residents, just 1 hour north of Cape Town. The scenery, the wildlife and flowers (especially in the spring, August, and September here) and calm can be enjoyed. You can also enjoy the beauty of this beautiful countryside and walks. No so many services are open, so what you need for the day can be carried in.

Kgalagadi (Kalahari) Transfrontier Park

This cross-border park was developed in 2000 and combines South Africa’s Kalahari Gemsbok National Park with Botswana’s Gemsbok National Park. The stunning scenery and the rich wildlife make this a top destination for photography and one of the best places to tour in the North Cape.

The black-maned Kalahari lion can be found; leopards, hyenas, goats, gemsboks, and meerkats. Animals can be found. You must explore a 4-wheel drive and find a guided tour.


Hermanus is one of the locations for whale watching in South Africa at about 1-and-a-half hour drive from Cape Town in the province of Western Cape. Several boat tours leave each day and you can see South Right Whales from the shore if you are fortunate (there are various whale-watching points along the waterfront). Hermanus is full of stunning beaches, too.

Cape Agulhas

Whilst the Cape of Good Hope is the southernmost tip of Africa, you can repeatedly hear it, it’s actually false. Cape Agulhas is the tip of Africa, and the two oceans meet there? This is one of South Africa’s most beautiful places to visit, a little far from anything and not as many tourists as ever.


Wilderness is a small town in the Western Cape Province and an area of more than 200 kilometers from Mossel Bay to Stormsrivier, along the South African Garden Path. This is one of South Africa’s nicest places to visit. There are many lovely, long, sandy beaches in the area. It also contains an incredible view of the Indian Ocean, the Outeniqua Mountains, and the Kaaiman river from the Map of Africa.


Knysna is the top destination in South Africa along the Garden Path. This small town has a fun, simple, and vacation atmosphere that makes it a beautiful spot to stop for a few days, and is ideal for nature, wildlife, and adventure enthusiasts.Knysna Heads, two sandy cliffs that distinguish Knysna Lagoon from the sea are the most popular attraction in the area. This is the dangerous mouth of the sea in the world and the lagoon and the mountain range facing the ocean can be seen on Knysna’s heads. It is also cool to go through the views to admire the sea underneath (some beaches are truly stunning).


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