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10 Adventurous activities and places to visit in Kerala

by Geetika Gautam

10 Adventurous activities and places to visit in Kerala


Kerala is one of the most desirable spots to visit, as in every corner of Kerala you can experience wonderful beauty. There are many interesting places in Kerala and many more possibilities for adventurers like climbing, paragliding, water sports, bicycling, and much more. Due to its excellent natural beauty, exciting sports, sensual beaches, and so on, Kerala has always been worth visiting. The land, with unparalleled natural beauty, offers you entertaining adventure experiences. Well, Kerala offers the sky for the adventure fan to release their genius energy.


Let’s look now at 10 things in Kerala to do adventurously:


1. Water Sports In Kerala


Kerala is renowned for its beaches, which offer many opportunities to explore a variety of water sports adventures. You may enjoy parasailing, diving, surfing, kayaking, and a lot more adventure in Kerala during your water sports tour. Beaches such as the beach at Kovalam and Alaphuzza offer numerous opportunities to take part in water sports by simply lazing the sands of Kerala and building sand chateaux. Water sports in Kerala are really the most exciting and exciting water activities to offer.


2. Cycling  & Biking Through Nature


Cycling & biking is the best way to experience the lovely atmosphere and purity of Kerala. Munnar, famous for its coffee plantations, and Nilgiris, known for its spice plantations add a different aroma to your bike tour. For the best bike rides in Kerala, winter is the right time. Idukki is one of Kerala’s best places for cycling. The atmosphere is very nice and the beauty of nature you will enjoy while you are riding is very eye-catching. There are plenty of other mountain biking opportunities available. You can cycle around the paddy fields, milk farms, tea, and forests.


3. Paragliding


Paragliding is one of the world’s most popular adventure sports, and paragliding in Vagamon is considered to be one of the most popular paragliding spots in Kerala. Paragliding must certainly be one of the reasons why tourism in Kerala is so famous. In Kerala, there are many great paragliding places, where one can explore different occasions of hidden adventure. Every adventurer who wants to glide love because of the more adventurous presence in it.


4. Tree House Stay


Spend your day in the middle of nature in a treehouse. The view from within the house is simply magical, and it is unforgettable every moment that you spend here. You should certainly add this to your checklist for adventure in Kerala, as this is a one-time experience in your lives. The mood set by the Kerala treehouse is romantic too, so for your honeymoon, you can also visit it. Wayanad, Thekkady & Munnar is the best treehouse in Kerala.


5. Swim well in the Arab Sea


There are amazing beaches in Kerala and Kerala is nearly 550 km along the Arab coastline. Pairs and families can really enjoy their holidays here. It’s really refreshing to take a bath here, and you can also sit and relax and sunbathe. The beaches also have a fascinating view of the sunset. You should certainly add that to your Kerala adventure list. The best plays to see Kerala beaches are from December to March, while Kerala Beach, Varkala Beach, and Marari Beach offer the best places to visit.


6. Wild Life Safari In Kerala


The Kerala wildlife safari will certainly provide you with a great forest life experience. A deeper sense of resolving and conscious of the protection of nature will be the rich biodiversity and the amazing flora and fauna of Kerala. For living creatures, protecting greenery is essential. In Kerala, there are numerous adventure sites offering tourists both daytime and night safaris. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary at Wayanad, Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary at Wayanad, and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve at Palakkad District are among the best wildlife safari in the country.


7. Bamboo Rafting


Another good thing you cannot afford to miss in Kerala is bamboo rafting. The Bamboo Rafting is a desirable place for the Tiger Reserve, the Thekkady, where you can enjoy the enchanting nature with an exceptional ecotourism program. All the nature lovers must do Bamboo Raising, which makes it a great adventure place in Kerala and can lie a little in the Bamboo, watch arboreal animals, and listen to the sweet middle of the birds. Kerala is truly a bamboo rafting experience. For Bamboo Rafting, Wayanad can also be called best.


8. Elephant Ride


Elephant ride is a memorable experience in the jungle of Kerala. The ideal choice to watch exotic animals by an elephant. On the elephant trip, you will feel as though you are a king of years old who is on your hunting ground. Kerala offers a rare opportunity for a day with elephants that is part of any more Kerala adventure ride. Kerala is home to Thekaddy, Munnar, and Wayanad, the best places for elephant travel.


9. Kayaking


Kayaking provides an insight into Kerala’s history, so you have to go on kayaking if you want to experience its culture. Visitors can choose from many kinds of kayaking opportunities; any of them can be chosen. Only during a kayak tour can you enjoy the rare beauty of the backwaters and the interesting dense flora and fauna. Alappuzha, Kumarakom, and Kollam are the best locations for kayaking in Kerala.


10. Mountain Climbing


Then Kerala is an excellent location to go for tourists who want to climb the mountains, as some locations where you can truly enjoy mountaineering. Mountain climbing is one of Kerala’s top adventures. Chembra Peak is a popular mountain climbing location in Wayanad. Climbing mountains is no easy job because climbing can be rugged and steep. One day you need to ascend so you can guard against the blocks of the light. The Rajamalai/Eravikulam National Park and Anamudi Peak are the best locations for climbing in Kerala.

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